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Train the trainer


Even as an expert, it can sometimes be difficult to find a connection with and effectively transfer knowledge to an audience. You are the expert in a horticultural topic, and I will enable you to find the connection between you and your audience. I help you set up a course or teaching plan with didactics suitable to your personality. Together, you and I will develop assignments and/or work forms that you can use in your training.


General trajectory;

    •    Brainstorming

    •    Developing teaching plan

    •    Developing materials

    •    Evaluating


Sharing knowledge in the company


As a company you would like to grow by sharing the knowledge of your senior staff members with the juniors. For example Senior Growers teaching Junior Growers. Together with the company we’ll develop an education program. I stand next to the seniors and prepare the training sessions with this expert and will make sure that the knowledge is secured within the company. 


Want to know more about Train the Trainer? Please contact me!


For who?

1. Experts working in, or related to the protected horticulture industry and wanting to share their knowledge. 

2. Horticultural companies who would like to secure their own knowledge within a team. 



Thorben Looije, director Valto:

"Beanstalk has helped us with our question perfectly. With a surprising but effective method!"

Beanstalk is based in Leiden, the Netherlands





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